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​The arcade cabinet Elite Series Mini Machine and the Hyperspin Console for TV  we built here are popular today among fans of classic gaming and nostalgia.

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Arcade Cabinet Crafted with the Best components.

With advancements in technology, people are now able to play these retro titles on different devices including computers and dedicated multigame machines.

The popularity of these machines continues to endure as they offer a unique form of entertainment and challenge, and evoke good memories of the past for many people.

In this post I will show you different types of arcade games that can be played on the best home arcade machine and the most popular genere.

Vector graphics arcade cabinets.

Vector graphics are images that are made up of lines and curves instead of pixels and there was the first graphics used in early video games because they provided a unique look with sharp, clean lines and vibrant contrast.


This vector games allow for smooth animation and scaling and were a popular choice for retro arcades in the 80s and 90s, most of all for space-themed  such as “Asteroids,” “Tempest,” and “Star Wars.” Vectors are notable for their use of color overlays, which allows  to software designers the multicolored graphics without the need for a full-color monitor display.

Because color displays were more expensive at the time, this was a cost-effective solution for arcade cabinets manufacturers.
Raster graphics have largely replaced vector arcades in modern cabinets, despite their popularity in the 1980s.
Some vectors was remade or remastered and continue to be enjoyed by old fans; however, others have not.


​“Street Fighter II: The World Warrior”  is the second entry in the Street Fighter series and is considered to be the most influential fighting title of all time, as well as a milestone in the video arcade games industry because of his unique game-play and advanced graphics at the time.​

Street Fighter 2

Typically, these devices feature two characters facing off against each other in a single or two-player match, with the goal being to deplete the opponent’s health bar by landing successful attacks.
The release of classic fighting games such as “Street Fighter II from Capcom,” “Mortal Kombat from Midway,” and “King of Fighters from Neo-Geo” in the 1990s popularized fighting retro arcade cabinets.

Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade Cabinet

Well known in arcades for his fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action and iconic realistic characters with their own unique moves and special abilities,
The fighting genre  seen many changes over the years and with the new technologies and gameplay mechanics being incorporated and been more and more realistic, such as 3D graphics, multiple joysticks and button inputs, and online multiplayer, they become better and give more chalange and joy to the players.​

New releases and updated versions  continue to be developed for both arcade and home  systems, keeping fighting series as MK1, 2,3 popular today.
Players of fighting  titles often compete against each other in local and international tournaments to find out who the best player is.
Many iconic characters and storylines from these titles have become part of gaming folklore and ideas for well known movies.

Shot’em UP

​In this category the players shoot enemies in a side-scrolling or vertically scrolling format.
Side-scrolling are those video games where the player’s character is moved through a 2D environment on a horizontal screen ( sometimes vertical as in Contra).
Traditional platforms  are characterized and known most of the time by their up and down movements, as opposed to the side to side movement.
Some popular among gamers are:
“Contra,” “Metal Slug,” “Ghosts ‘n Goblins,” and “Super Mario Bros.” are some of the most famous side-scrolling Shot’em up.
Metal Slug Arcade Cabinet from Neo Geo, released also for the Home Arcade Machines.
These  are known for their fast paced action, challenging enemies and bosses also imaginative environments.
They often have high difficulty and addictive game-play.
No doubt here, the Side scrolling  were one of the most popular among gamers during the 1980s and 1990s and were a huge attraction in the golden age of arcades.​
Today, these are often included as part of  collections or in classic arcade establishments.

SHMUP is a subgenre of retro arcade games that is short for “shoot ’em up”.

​This subgenere focuses on fast-paced, side-scrolling action and shooting mechanics.
Players in SHMUPs control a character, typically a spacecraft or aircraft, and must navigate through a series of levels, shooting down enemy forces and avoiding obstacles.
They offer Intense and challenging difficulty, and impressive graphics are what SHMUPs are known for.
Quick reflexes, precise aiming, and a good strategy are often required to progress through the stages which often features multiple weapons, power-ups, and boss battles. “R-Type,” “Gradius,” “Cave shooters,” “Ikaruga,” and “DoDonPachi” are some of the most famous SHMUPs.
Countless sequels with flying machines, spin offs, and adaptations have been inspired by these titles, which have been popular in arcades for decades.​
 Both arcade cabinets and home fans continue to enjoy SHMUPs, and new releases and updates of classics are still being developed for both arcade and home  systems.
 New technologies and  mechanics have been inspired by the genre’s significant impact on the video gaming industry and popular culture.

Platform .

​Are a type of  where players control a character who must jump and run across platforms while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
I can name a lot of them but some popular examples of platform arcade games include Donkey Kong, where players control Mario when he tries with big efforts to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man( a Pizza inspired charactere), where players control Pac-Man when he tries to eat all the dots.
Pac-Man Arcade cabinet.
In Pac-Man, players control the titular character as he eats dots and avoids ghosts in a maze.
Super Mario Bros. is a popular platform game where players control Mario when he tries to rescue the Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. This is a fast paced platform  where players control Mario when he run and jumps through various levels.

Players control characters who blow bubbles to trap enemies in the Bubble Bobble title.

This machines are still  one of the most popular choice for all ages because they are children friendly and also they require good hand and eye coordination, quick and precise reflexes, and timing.

Light Gun Arcade Cabinet

In the light gun titles, the player( sometimes players) use a gun-shaped controller to aim at and shoot targets displayed on a CRT, sometimes LCD screen attached to the arcade cabinet.
Virtua Cop Arcade
They are typically fast paced and require quick reflexes,and that’s why are so fun to play with friends and family.

Below are some popular examples of light gun arcade games:

1. Time Crisis – a first-person shooter where you must complete various challenging missions.
2. House of the Dead,  firt person shooter where you must use their wits and weaponry to survive against hordes of zombies.
3. Virtua Cop , a police officers fighting criminals in a first-person perspective.
4. Carnival  is a light gun  in which you participate in various carnival-style.​
​5. Point Blank – a series of light gun  featuring various shooting challenges .

Maze titles;

​Are a type of  arcade cabinet where players control a character who must navigate through a maze while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

The goal is to find the end of the maze,a key or treasure, or to escape from enemies to save your life and ..he he..coins.

Some popular examples of maze :

Pac-Man – a classic where players control Pac-Man as he eats dots and avoids ghosts.
Ms. Pac-Man – a popular follow-up to Pac-Man, with updated graphics and new mazes.
Dig Dug –  where players control a character who will dig through the ground to reach and defeat enemies.
Bomb Jack – where players control a character that collect bombs and avoid enemies to go further in an even harder stages.
Q*bert –  The players control a game character who jump on blocks and change their colors, while triyng to avoid evel enemies and obstacles.

Maze titles are known for their challenging gameplay, simple but addictive mechanics.


​Racing titles are a type  where players compete in races against each other or the clock.
In this category of  video games you drive vehicles  as  cars, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft and control them with wheels or flight stick.
You can race through beautiful environments and landscapes such as city streets, forests ,race tracks, or off-road terrain.​
 Racing arcade cabinets include classics like Daytona USA, which is known for its high-speed action and realistic physics.
Players of Cruis’n USA compete in races across different regions of the United States.
Cruis’n USA Arcade.
The racing title Initial D Arcade Stage is based on the anime and manga series of the same name and features street racing and drifting.
Sega Rally 2 is a rally racing  featuring realistic physics and off-road terrain.
The Need for Speed series of racing  features high-speed street racing and police chases where the fast-paced action and thrilling gameplay make them so popular.
Racing and speed-loving people are often drawn to these games for their realistic ,and , sometimes amazing soundtracks.


 Category where players simulate various sports as basketball, football, soccer, golf, and many more arcade cabinets:

NBA Jam – a classic basketball  two-on-two action and high-flying dunks.

NFL Blitz – a football  title with owesome action and hard hits.

FIFA Soccer – a soccer about realistic physics and international teams.

Golden Tee Golf – a golf  featuring accurate ball physics in various golf courses.
Punch-Out!! – a boxing  where players control Little Mac as he fights his way through the ranks.

Sports titles are well known for their high level of fun.

They feature accurate physics, colorful graphics, and retro style soundtracks, making them a popular choice for those who love sports without you having to leave your home.



Are a type of video game where players perform various actions, such as tapping buttons, in time with music.
The main goal of these is to match the rhythm of the music and score points.
Some popular examples of rhythm arcade cabinets are:
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) – a classic rhythm arcade game where players step on dance pads to the beat of the music.
Dance Dance Revolution Arcade
DrumMania – a rhythm where players drum along to the music using electronic drum pads.
Guitar Hero Arcade – a rhythm  where players use a guitar-shaped controller to play along to the music.
Beatmania IIDX –  where you use turntables and buttons to perform DJ-style actions.
Taiko no Tatsujin –  where players use drum sticks to hit targets in time with the music.
Are known for their fun .
 They can be a great way to experience the excitement of dancing in arcades instead of a dancing rom.
They often  a popular choice for those who love music and good rhythm.


​On these , the players solve various puzzles or challenges to progress.
 The goals of most these puzzles  games is involve solving logic problems, matching patterns, or manipulating different objects.

Popular examples of puzzle titles include:

​Tetris – a classic puzzle arcade cabinet  where players arrange falling blocks to form complete lines.
Columns –  where you match three or more gems of the same color to clear them from the playing field.
Dr. Mario –  where players use pills to eliminate viruses and germs from a bottle.
Bejeweled – a puzzle arcade game where players match gems of the same color to clear them from the playing field.
Zuma – where players shoot colored balls to match and eliminate balls from a chain.
Puzzle retro arcade games, known for their simple and can be a great way to test one’s problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.
Puzzles are a popular choice for those who love to play with big challanging, colorful graphics and relaxing soundtracks.


Known for their simple but challenging action , these amazing titles are the timeless classics in the world of video gaming and can experience the excitement of this games and arcades in the comfort of your own home.
Check out our Raspberry Pi Arcade machine created for small spaces, the one player mini bartop arcade machine and also the two player Arcade Cocktail Machine for the ultimate retro experience.

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