Ranked The Best Home Arcade Machine of 2024 - Elite 127 Plus

The Elite 127 PLUS was ranked as the No. 1 best home arcade machine of 2024 by many customers and popular YouTubers.

This is The Best Home Arcade Machine of 2024 build by TinyArcade UK

Why is the Elite-127-Plus considered the best home arcade machine?

It is the best due to the balanced hardware and software used to achieve high performance in the quick-action games well recognized in the arcade titles.

The most important factors for a high-end home arcade machine are:

  • the ability to handle extremely demanding emulators and avoid slowing down or delaying the game action in both video and audio when playing arcade games.
  • a good home arcade machine must be easy to use. It has to be quick to start, easy to navigate, easy to choose the systems & games with a search function, and also easy to repair when necessary.
  • another important factor for any home arcade machine is its systems and game library.
127 Systems and over 65,000 arcade and console video games

The Elite 127 PLUS comes with a huge library of 127 Systems and over 65,000 arcade and console video games.

It includes all the classics such as Street Fighter II, Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and Mortal Kombat. But also the latest arcade games from systems like Naomi, Sega Ring, Atomiswave, Taito Type X, Arcade Pinball Tables, and Light Gun Games.

quality professional screen monitor fitted in the best arcade machine

Excelent video gaming experience

  • If you’re looking for an excellent gaming experience, as you remember in arcades, the quality of the monitor screen is essential in a home arcade machine.

Here we need to mention four essential attributes:

  1.  the ability to render vivid and strong colours.
  2. the contrast ratio (higher is better).
  3. the response time (lower is better).
  4. the viewing angle (higher is better).
video arcade games on our bartop arcade machine
  • The quality and responsiveness of the joysticks and buttons.
  • Thehe response time of the keyboard encoder, are a must in order to get the best home arcade machine.

Instant response in fast-action arcade games

No compromise on this; on our bartop arcade machine we use only Sanwa genuine Japanese joysticks and buttons.

Together with the Ultimarc I-Pac 2 lag free and programmable keyboard encoder, to get the perfect response in fast-action arcade games.

  • The sound of a home arcade machine must be clean but powerful. The sound system should give the option to balance between the bass and the treble and to adjust it according to the game you play.
this is the best game machine
  • It must look amazing and be cherished. In the best scenario, your wife must have no qualms about allowing you to put the arcade in the living room or even on the kitchen counter.
  • gone are the days when a game cabinet required much space in your home or game room.

The ultimate arcade machine must occupy a small space in your home. It has to be light but stable, and easy to move when necessary.

Finally, a well-made arcade for the home must be durable, reliable, and have low power consumption.

mk2 tabletop arcade machine

How we’ve accomplished the best arcade machine for your home

We achieve the best arcade for your home by using premium hardware components. We use parts from reputable manufacturers such as Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, Intel, Nvidia, Sanwa, and Sony.

These being the heart and soul of our arcade, we did not skimp on them. We used only the best materials on the market.

We also have a lot of fun designing all the software plans and settings after many years of fine adjustments and improvements.

All this to achieve the perfect result for the most demanding requirements. 

ranked number one home arcade system in the world

Premium components provide an immersive experience

 We all know that arcade video games are all about speed and reaction. When you push a button or move the joystick, you want to make sure the action happens instantly on the screen.

 You really need this quick action in order to advance as far as possible in the games. When you fly your ship in SHMUPS, beat your opponent in fighting games, or get the highest score, all work the same.

None of these goals in a home arcade machine are possible if the game is moving slowly for even a millisecond.

game machine with 69000 retro games

You need a high-powered computer for good performance in games.

If you are slow, you lose the action, not to mention that the gaming experience is not the same.

So you need to be fast, and in order to do this you need a high-powered computer. You need a balance between the hardware and the software, with some fine adjustments in different emulators.

arcade video game mortal kombat one

The Best home arcade machine build with premium materials

The Elite-127-PLUS doesn’t just look the part—it looks and feels the part, thanks to its premium materials.

The 19-inch HD display brings each game to life with vivid clarity.

The Sanwa’s high-performance joysticks and buttons provide the precise control needed to access the most challenging levels.

Powered by a beast of a computer.

The experience you get in the arcade machines is further enhanced by a powerful hardware.

For this, a 10th Generation Intel i5, 4.8GHz Hexa-core, 12 Threads processor come as standard.

For stability, the machine come with genuine Windows 10 Pro X64 and the SSD that run the OS.

As a result, the machine is 17 (seventeen) times more powerful than the latest Raspberry Pi 5 B.

Sound quality is important, so this is what you get.

120-watt HI-FI stereo sound system, enveloping players in the overall aural glory of arcade gaming.

hyperspin mini gaming machine

Get a well balanced home arcade machine tailored for you

The Elite-127-PLUS isn’t just another gaming machine.

It’s a huge, well-crafted entertainment powerhouse that honors the golden age of arcade games while embracing the needs of today’s gamers.

bespoke tabletop gaming machine

In 2024, the Elite-127-Plus will take the throne at the Home Arcade Arena.

 In the competitive landscape of home arcades, the Elite-127-PLUS emerges as the undisputed leader, topping the top 5 best home arcade machines of 2024.

That praise must be for real, with many influential retro gaming influencers on YouTube talking about it.

This is due to the extensive game collection, excellent construction, and exceptional value for money. Check all the videos and pictures below.

premium bartop arcade machine for your game room from TinyArcade UK

 A treasure trove of home arcade machine classics and beyond

 The cornerstone of any high-end home theatre system is its gaming options, and the Elite-127-PLUS doesn’t disappoint.

It boasts a massive library of over 65 K arcade favorites, from timeless classics to modern arcade hits, as well as unique gems only found in the Elite 127 Plus home arcade machine.

This extensive collection ensures endless entertainment for gamers of all ages.

street fighter 2 mini arcade machine

Affordability meets quality

Notably, the Elite-127-PLUS manages to deliver all of this at a hard-to-beat price.

We would love to do all this only for some tea, biscuits, and the fun involved.

But we need to pay for the materials, the bills, and, like this, to keep carrying on building more arcades for dedicated players.

At just  € 2249, it represents a significant saving considering the quality of its components and the size of its game library. 

Also the general look and design, making it a stand-out for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate home gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Bartop Arcade Machine with Pandora Box 10 - Neo-Geo

Nostalgia, redefined

 With its classic arcade cabinet design, the Elite 127-Plus home arcade machine evokes the thrills of the busy arcade days, offering a slice of nostalgia in every game.

 Plug, Play, and Restore the Magic

Simplicity is at the core of the Elite-127-PLUS design.

Easy to navigate and easy to enjoy, it invites players to dive straight into the retro gaming experience with minimal fuss.

Just push the Power button and in 9 seconds you are in the Hyperspin main menu, ready to choose and play your favorite game!

game classics neo-geo mini arcade machine

Make it uniquely yours

Customization is a breeze with the Elite-127-PLUS. We offer this free of charge and allow our customers to add their own personal touches to their devices.

These arcade cabinet offer flexibility to tailor your gaming experience to perfection

You can change the marquee artwork, the LED T10 light, the color of the push buttons, the underneath light, or the side art of the home arcade machine, .

starfighter mini arcade machine

Verdict: The Elite-127-PLUS is the ultimate game machine of choice

For those looking for a definitive home theater unit, the searches should end with the Elite-127-PLUS.

Its unparalleled library of games, high-quality features, and attractive prices appeal to gamers and industry professionals.

Nostalgic fun for players everywhere

Delivering the promise of high-quality entertainment and nostalgic fun for players everywhere. It’s so easy to see why it was crowned the best home arcade machine of 2024.

Get our arcade today!

The full review and more insight on why the Elite-127-Plus deserves its top ranking and how it can transform your game room and gaming experience.

retro arcade games pinball machine
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