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mame cabinet for dedicated players

Mame Arcade Cabinet with CRT screen and HLSL scanlines emulation

This MAME Arcade Cabinet is for you if you miss the nostalgic charm of classic  games.

For the best visual and charm of the classic arcade games, our mame arcade cabinet come with the HLSL activated in MAME.

This is possible only when the computer have a big processing ability as the HLSL is well know to be a hunger beast.

 The flashing lights, the thrilling sounds, and the adrenaline rush of competing for high scores is something you miss?

 If so, this mame cabinet is here to transport you back in time to the golden era of gaming.

video game retro machine

MAME is a powerful and versatile emulator

MAME is a powerful and versatile emulator that allows you to run thousands of arcade game titles from different hardware platforms Sega, Taito, Capcom, Neo-Geo and many other.

One of the remarkable aspects of MAME arcade Emulator is its dedication to preserving gaming history. The project’s mission is to document and emulate the inner workings of the best bartop arcade, ensuring that these classic games are not lost to time.

MAME’s developers painstakingly analyze the original hardware, from circuit boards to sound chips, in order to faithfully replicate the gaming experience on the mame arcade cabinet.

mame arcade game system

What a Mame Cabinet will include:

If you want to invest in a Mame cabinet handcrafted by us, you are in good hands because our reputation for quality, hundreds of customer reviews, and 37 years of experience say it all.

  • Our Arcades will includes the fallow hardware and software:
  • Extremely low background noise thanks to the Anti-Vibration system we developed.
  • Future Proof Built In Support thanks to the Innovative BACKUP system that will allow you to fix any problem in the Software of the machine.
  • Relive Thousands Of Arcade Legends Through A Single Arcade Cabinet.
  • The Best Mame Cabinet Elite Series 127 PLUS is per-Configured for Arcade joysticks and buttons also for Xbox360 Game pad.
  • Plug and Play with Thousands Of Arcade Classics from Sega, Neo-Geo, Taito, Capcom and Console titles.
  • Games Included With all the mame cabinets we build ( Elite 127 PLUS and Elite 117)
  • Elite 127 – PLUS : 127 Systems and 48000 Games.
  • Elite 117 : 117 Systems and 24000 Games.
  • PC HD Modern Games also included.
  • Easily Add more Games if wanted. Drop In Your or Console MAME™ Roms
  • No Quarters Needed, Free to Play.
  • Hyperspin Front-End..amazing visual with art and video preview on most games.
  • Plenty Of Storage Space 120GB SSD + 4TB HDD Seagate.
  • Intel I5 processor , 8 to 16 GB Memory – essential in order to run the MAME games smoothly.
  • Indestructible Gigabyte or MSI Power Supply 80 PLUS Bronze.
  • Play many Arcade Titles Adventures, Head To Head Fighting, Shooting Games and Sports.
  • Genuine SANWA Japanese Joysticks – Just Like The Real ones For True Arcade Experience.
  • Authentic Arcade Parts – 8 buttons for each player including the Pinball Access Buttons.
  • Hi-Fi Audio System 2×20 W with Power, Bass and Treble adjustment.
  • LED (T10) Illuminated buttons with Chrome edge.
  • Genuine ZIPPY low push power micro switches for quick reaction so necessary in arcade games.
  • Powered By the latest brand new Computer from the best hardware manufacturers…Intel, Gigabyte, Assus, MSI
  • Cast anti-scratch protection screen.
  • LED Illuminated Marquee – you can choose your favorite HD marquee available for our customers.
  • Shine Aluminum Bezel and owesome looking Chrome Trim on the edge.
  • Extremely light for the size (17,3 Kg) one person can easily move it around the house.
  • Flexible and Upgrade able Arcade Machine: you can upgrade the Computer components anytime with some basic computer skills.
  • Mame Arcade Cabinet Made In UK – Ships On a Heavy Duty Box and professionally packed to avoid damages, via DHL or UPS Freight anywhere in the World
quality build MAME cabinet

How to build a MAME cabinet ?

If you want to build a MAME cabinet you need some materials, tools, and at least some DIY skills.

Building a MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) arcade cabinet can be a rewarding project for retro video gaming enthusiasts.

Here’s a list of materials and components you’ll need to build a custom Mame arcade cabinet:

  1. Wood Panels:  You’ll need sheets of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or plywood  to construct the cabinet’s exterior, sides, control panel, and other structural components. The exact dimensions also the thickness( 12 to 19mm) will depend on your design.

  2. Arcade Controls: To replicate the arcade experience, you’ll need arcade-quality controls, including joysticks, buttons, and also a Keyboard emulator such as the I-Pac 2) These can be purchased as a kit or individually.

  3. Monitor/Screen: For your Mame cabinet you can choose an LCD or LED monitor with the size and aspect ratio that fits your cabinet design. A 19″ monitor is commonly used, but the choice is up to you… We like to use the 5:4 format to keep the correct resolution format of the original arcade games from the past. The monitor is one of the most important hardware because the quality of this will give you a quality vision of the game.

  4. Computer: You’ll need a computer to run the MAME emulator and games. A small form factor PC with good processing power and memory is a a must as Mame is a well known for his hardware demands when the HLSL is activated.. and you need that if you want to see the arcade games as you remember.

  5. MAME Emulator Software: Download and install MAME emulator software on your computer. This software allows you to run arcade game ROMs.

  6. Speakers and Audio Amplifier: Install speakers and an audio amplifier inside the cabinet for sound effects and music. You can use PC speakers or dedicated arcade audio components.

  7. Power Supply Unit (PSU) for your Mame Cabinet: A power supply unit is needed to provide power to the computer, monitor, audio system, lights  and other components. Ensure it’s power is suitable for your hardware.

  8. Coin Door (Optional): If you want to replicate the coin-operated arcade experience, you can install a coin door with a coin mechanism, though this is optional.

  9. Wiring and Cables: Gather wiring harnesses, cables, and connectors to connect the controls, buttons, and other components to the computer and power supply.

  10. Graphics and Artwork: Design and print artwork for the cabinet’s exterior, control panel, marquee, and side art. You can use vinyl decals or custom prints for a professional look.

  11. T-Molding: T-molding is a plastic or rubber strip used to edge the cabinet and give it a finished look. It comes in various colors and styles.

  12. Mounting Hardware: Bolts, screws, nuts, and brackets are essential for assembling the cabinet and securing components in place.

  13. Tools: You’ll need various tools, including a saw, drill, screwdrivers, wrenches, clamps, and a jigsaw for cutting and assembling the wood and other materials.

  14. Ventilation: To prevent overheating, add ventilation holes or fans to ensure proper airflow inside the cabinet.

  15. Locks and Latches: Install locks or latches to secure access panels and doors on the cabinet.

  16. Control Interface: You may need an interface board or encoder to connect the mame arcade controls to the computer. Here use the I-pac, is programmable and also will not give you any don’t need lags when you play any video game, isn’t it?.

  17. Router and Router Bits: If you’re creating custom designs or inlays on the cabinet, a router and appropriate bits can be useful.

  18. Paint and Finish: Choose paint and finishes that match your desired aesthetic for the cabinet. Sandpaper, primer, and paintbrushes or spray guns will be needed.

  19. Sanding and Finishing Supplies: Sandpaper, wood filler, and finishing supplies to prepare and finish the wood surfaces.

  20. Safety First!: Don’t forget safety gear like safety glasses, ear protection, and dust masks when cutting and sanding materials.

Keep in mind that building a MAME arcade cabinet requires woodworking skills and knowledge of electronics. You’ll also need to source game ROMs legally and adhere to copyright laws. Additionally, consider the dimensions, layout, and design of your cabinet to ensure it meets your gaming preferences and space constraints.

Installing the Mame Emulator:

Installing and using the Mame  software in the cabinet is a straightforward process , easier than most of the software I ever tried. Simply download the emulator from the official website or other trusted sources and install it on your device computer with Windows 7-8 or 10 .

Once MAME is installed, you’ll need to obtain the ROMs. It’s important that you only download games for which you own the original arcade JAMMA board or cartridge.

Once you have the  ROMs, you can start the Mame arcade cabinet, launch the program and start to discover the magic of retro gaming.

MAME have lots of options so you can configure the controls, adjust graphics or sound settings, and even apply different software filters to give you a retro look.

video games arcade system

MAME is not limited to traditional arcade machines

 MAME is not limited to traditional machines. It also emulate other gaming platforms, such as handheld devices, pinball machines, and even early home computers.

The MAME gaming community is vibrant and active, with developers continually working on improving the emulator and adding support for new arcade games and hardware.
Online forums and communities offer lots of information and support if you ask, making it easy to find answers to any questions or troubleshooting you may needs.

retro mame game machine for video games

Relive retro games memories.

So, whether you want to relive your childhood retro games memories, explore the awesome gaming history, or simply experience the timeless classics that defined the arcade era, the MAME Arcade cabinet is the best way to embark on this journey.


Install it on your PC ,add the inputs to almost any USB gamepad if you don’t use arcades original joysticks and buttons,then load up your favorite retro games and get ready for a nostalgic trip back to the arcade.

 Let the excitement begin!

Check out also our Plug&Play  Hyperspin Arcade Console for TV or the one player bartop arcade machine for classic games, our workshop locations if you would like to visit us and Contact Tiny Arcade if you have any question regarding the mini arcade cabinets we build.

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