Raspberry Pi Mini Arcade Love Retro Games!

A Raspberry Pi mini arcade is essentially a customized gaming system that emulates classic arcades using the Raspberry Pi as the central processing unit.

one player games cabinet

Raspberry Pi Mini Arcade Plug and Play Retro video game machine

One player 10″, 4:3 monitor

Raspberry Pi Mini Arcade retro Machine Plug&Play
– 8 bit , 16bit and 32 bit glory …revived the best gaming era of all time.
– Plug and Play 
– Easy to use
– Save progress in most systems.
​- Arcade Genuine Japanese Sanwa Joysticks and silent golden leaf high performance buttons for perfect gameplay
– Available in one or two player:                      
four USB connectors come as standard .
WEIGHT: 3,1 kG            DIMENSIONS:     H: 291mm ;      W: 275mm ;      D: 261mm 
559 (128 GB)

Two player -19″, 4:3  monitor 
It is the same cabinet used in the mini arcade games machines two player Elite series.
–  USB connector
​- HDMI out (after remove the monitor hdmi)
​- audio out jack

WEIGHT: 16,2 kG            DIMENSIONS: H: 576mm ;      W: 477mm  ;      D: 415mm

  Price     899 (128GB)

Building Your Own Retro Gaming System

A Raspberry Pi mini arcade is essentially a customized  system that emulates classic arcades using the Raspberry Pi as the central processing unit. This small computer, with its small form factor and powerful capabilities, serves as a cost-effective solution to run game emulators and manage the libraries.You can connect the small board to a monitor or TV and utilizing controllers, buttons, and other components, and you can recreate the nostalgic retro experience of raspberry pi mini arcade right in your own homes.

Components Required:

You will need a Raspberry Pi and a MicroSD Card: Choose a high-capacity microSD card to store the operating system, gaming software, and ROMs.

The arcade cabinet Controls include joysticks, buttons, and keyboard encoders. Arcade control kits are available online, providing multiple options. Then connect the Raspberry Pi to a monitor or TV with the HDMI connection.

Power Supply: Ensure you purchase an original 5V, 2,3 amps power supply to avoid shutdowns or even damage.

Audio Components: Add speakers or headphones for sound output.

Build Your Raspberry Pi Mini Arcade

Configure the emulator settings and controller inputs for optimal game play.

Then legally acquire  ROMs or backups of original arcades to play on the arcade system.

Now you can buy arcade video games or build one yourself if you have the tools and skills that are necessary.
Mount the joystick, buttons, and other controls onto the cabinet.
Connect the controls to the raspberry pi mini arcade board using wiring from the GPIO or a pre-built interface as Ipac 2.
Connect the board to the monitor, speakers, and power supply.
Power on the machine and configure the display and also the audio settings.
Test the controls and all the buttons and joysticks to make sure you didn’t mix up them.

Customize and Personalize:

Customize the software settings, themes, and artwork to create unique tabletop arcade machines experience.
Add extras like LED lighting, marquee displays, or additional features as you like.

Explore other platforms and add emulators for consoles like NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis.


Building a Raspberry Pi mini arcade offers a captivating and rewarding journey into the world of retro gaming.
 Whether it’s reliving childhood memories or exploring the gaming history, the project provides a gateway to endless fun and nostalgia. ​

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