Arcade Cocktail Machine - Back To The Classics

The arcade cocktail machine not only revives the golden era of arcade gaming but also introduces a modern twist to the classics. With a screen that automatically flips when a player loses, it ensures a seamless and competitive gameplay for two players.

Best Arcade Cocktail Machine for Home

This automatically flip screen feature make it perfect for bars, pubs, home and game rooms.

Plug and Play Arcade Cocktail Machine with Classics and SHMUPS

Plug and Play – Ready to go right out of the box, this machine comes preloaded with the best vertical games and shooters (SHMUPS). Classics such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, as well as legendary shooters like Super Contra, DonPachi, DoDonPachi, Dimahoo, Guwange, Battle Bakraid, ESP Ra.De., and Raiden are all part of the extensive 516 classic games library.

The Arcade Cocktail  machine will bring you back old memories and the incredible game-play that only an Arcade Game Machine can give to you: Years of classic arcade fun.

Compact Design Arcade Cocktail Machine

Despite its highly compact size (8cm), this machine doesn’t compromise on quality. It features a 19-inch 4:3, 1280×1024, IPS professional monitor with LED backlighting, offering brilliant clarity, color, and a wide-angle view of 178 degrees for an immersive gaming experience.



Customizable and User-Friendly

  • Adjustable Volume: Tailor your audio experience with an iPod-style audio amplifier.
  • Lighting Options: Choose between blue or red lights on the bottom to match your mood or room decor.
  • Vinyl Stickers and Chrome Effect Edge: Add a touch of style with high-quality vinyl stickers and a sleek chrome effect edge.
  • Open Source Joystick: For the enthusiasts, the joystick is modifiable, easily switching from 8 to 4 way to perfect your PACMAN gameplay.

Free Play and Full Customization

  • No Coin Slot: Enjoy endless gaming without the need for coins.
  • Fully Customizable Games: Adjust difficulty, game speed, number of lives, and more for each game.
  • Enable/Disable Specific Games: Tailor your gaming library to your preferences.

Dimensions and Price of the Arcade Cocktail Table

  • Dimensions: L: 61cm, D:29cm, H: 9cm
  • Weight: 6.9Kg
  • Price: 699 Euros

Best Arcade Cocktail Machine for Sale

In Golden ages of arcades the developers and arcade owners were constantly innovating to enhance the gaming experience. This innovation gave birth to the arcade cocktail machine in the early 1980s.

The concept was ingenious yet simple: create a table-like surface with controls on both sides, allowing two players to sit face-to-face while enjoying their favorite games.

This tables was very popular in bars and pubs where people gather to play Pac-Man or Space Invaders washed with beer or wine.

What is an Arcade Cocktail Machine?

Also known as a tabletop arcade machine, a cocktail table or a sit-down arcade machine, the arcade cocktail machine it’s a distinct type of  cabinet designed to recreate the social and intimate gaming experience of classic arcades.

Unlike the conventional upright arcade cabinets, this machine feature a unique horizontal design with a glass top, allowing two players to sit across from each other.

Much like the arcade scene, friends can gather around this video gaming device, taking turns and challenging each other in classic games.

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Embrace the nostalgia and bring the classic arcade experience into your home or business with our Arcade Cocktail Machine. It’s more than just a game; it’s a journey back to the heart of gaming culture.

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