Mini Arcade Machines For Sale at Tiny Arcade UK

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Looking for a good-quality and powerful mini arcade machine for your video game room?

Then, you are in the right place, as with over 39 years of experience in Arcades, we are committed to

giving you the best finishes and the best service.

lifetime support and 2-year warranty

Mini Arcade Machines with 2-YEAR Warranty and LIFETIME Support

The mini arcade machines we build and sell come with a 2-year warranty also lifetime support for software and hardware and will send you back in time to the 80s and 90s in the wonderful world of the arcades.

Arcade Games Crafted With Love.

For almost four decades here at Tiny Arcade UK, we have handcrafted, with love and passion, different types of arcade games.

We also repaired and sold arcade video game machines and bartop arcades from:

  • JAMMA,
  • NEO-GEO (SNK),
  • SEGA,
  • Taito,
  • Capcom,

and many other video game manufacturers, for all generations to enjoy.​

Unique Restore Features for your Arcades.

An ingenious backup system for files and folders with support for lifetime.

In other words you will get instructions from us on how to restore your Mini Arcade Machine or the Hyperspin Arcade Console to their original settings.

This awesome feature will fix any problem that may arise in seconds.

Mini Arcade Machines Perfect for Gaming Enthusiasts.

Back in the arcades, the video game designers proved their professionalism and dedication in creating unique titles, a dedication that has left a long-lasting impact on many people.

Unfortunately, the simplicity, the level of fun, and the amazing game-play we remember are hard to find in the video games created today.

 Advanced Mini Arcade Machines in the comfort of your own home.

Our dedication and passion for crafting these mini arcade machines have given us a solid reputation among our previous customers for producing and selling high-quality retro arcades for home use.

Hyperspin logo

Introducing the ELITE Series 117 RAC & 127 RAC-PLUS mini arcade machine.

The Mini Arcade Machine ELITE series is the last generation of premium video games machines.

This is the Plug&play solution for 2 players, and the sequel update of our popular Bartop Arcade Machine EXTREME 114in1 – PLUS released many years ago

Powered by MAME and Hyperspin.

Hyperspin is the best front-end.

From his beautiful video interface, you can choose from 127 systems, 48.000 retro and also modern video games, including MAME Arcade, Pinball machines, and Shooting titles with the Sinden Light Gun.

Here at Tiny Arcade UK, we have built this mini arcade machines with passion for over 37 years as a tribute to the good old times of video games.

FROM €1,469

Hyperspin logo

Series: RAC-T Hyperspin Arcade Game Machines For Sale

The Hyperspin Arcade System RAC-T Series is the latest Tiny Arcade UK creation and is equipped with the latest generation of computer hardware.

Maximum Power, Maximum Speed: Upgrade you man cave with the Ultimate mini arcade machine.

The RAC-T8 is capable of running highly demanding PC titles and emulators and it is PLUG&PLAY on any device with a HDMI port as TV, monitor, or projector.

The RAC-T series will allow you to access from the awesome Hyperspin front-end 127 Systems, 68.000 retro and modern titles, and it will be the top addition to your gaming room.

FROM €699

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Who We Are

I am an electronic engineer by trade and I have handcrafted from scratch and repaired many machines as JAMMA, NEO-GEO, CAPCOM, SEGA, and MAME.

Back in 1985, I decided to bring back the joy I experienced as a child and began building mini arcade machine handcrafted with great attention to detail in my workshop and name it ” Tiny Arcade ” because…. it was a Tiny Workshop in a summer house.

Over the last 39 years, I have been dedicating my time and passion to permanently improving and building only high-quality Mini Arcade Machines.

The usual cabinets have a BIG inconvenience and this is the space occupied, so in the last years, I have started to build highly compact versions of these mini arcades.

Due to the size restriction in a mini arcade machine, extra work is spent fitting all the components into the machines with extra care to be sure that at the end of the project, all the components fit inside.

As a result, this Mame Arcade Cabinet will give you:

  • ​The same feeling and gameplay as on a big cabinet machine. 
  • a solid, small size and portable cabinet powered by MAME and Hyperspin.
  • can fit in your games room, kitchen and family room, the countertop or bar, bedroom or employees lounge.
  • can be taken to parties for extra entertainment, especially for the competitive players.

This mini arcade machine is a unique entertainment system, and it can also be a very special and unique present or a perfect Christmas gift.

Enjoy the bartop arcades we handcraft and sell, as well as the video console for TV that will keep you, your children, and your friends entertained for thousands of hours.

This will bring you back old memories and the incredible game-play that only a mini arcade machine can give you.

Old school players know what I mean; nothing quite compares to playing the classics with genuine controls.

Here is some of my work carried out building Mini Arcade Machines for the dedicated players. Check also our one player JAMMA mini arcade bartop ,the mini replicas of the mini arcade cabinets as Mortal Kombat or Nintendo PlayChoice, our blog post regarding the best bartop arcade mini, or the plug and play Retropie console for your big TV.

Find out more about TinyArcade UK and the arcade video game machines for sale since 1985.

  • Tiny Arcade is made up of two extremely skilled and passionate engineers with over 35 (respectively 31) years of experience in electronics, arcade video game machines, mini arcade machines, retro gaming,  computer software, hardware, and woodworking.
  • We are a very small company so we always limit the clients we work for to one client at a time. When a project is started, we will focus only on that task so no other task will interfere with it.
  • We are attentive to details and manually hand-craft mini arcade machines by using the latest materials and hardware available.
  • By doing this, we always deliver to our existing clients the best possible arcade cabinet and video game console.

         We Build:

  • Bartop arcade game machines for sale (for two-player horizontal only): driven by either a last-generation powerful computer,The system that come with the PC( Elite Series), JAMMA, or Raspberry Pi. Huge library; over 100,000 games, including Sega, NES, Dreamcast, PC titles, Pinball Arcades.
  • Also you can watch movies, navigate on the internet or listen music from the dedicated Juke Box system straight from the Hyperspin menu
    On our mini arcade machines It’s Easy and Free to Add New Games and we can provide instructions on how to do this.
  • Hyperspin Console ready to play for Modern TV’s in your living room!: driven by a last generation powerful computer.
  • Play More Games(68K+) titles in this Arcade Console than in any other mini arcade machine. It is capable to run at full speed the latest PC and Arcade games as Sega Ring TeknoParrot and also use it like a normal computer for watching movies, navigate the web or play Pinball video games titles on the full resolution on your 4K TV.
  • Bartop machines for one player (vertical and horizontal): driven by JAMMA or Raspberry Pi hardware.
  •  Console for TV (one or two player): driven by JAMMA hardware.
  •  Cocktail Machine: driven by Jamma arcade Hardware.
  • Mini arcade machines Replicas( one player only): driven on different hardare as JAMMA, Playstation 2 Console or Raspberry Pi.

Because we use only brand-new hardware, we offer 2 years warranty for the newly released 2023 Elite series (one year for the rest) on parts supplied and the materials used to construct a mini arcade machine.

This includes the internal components (computer electronic parts motherboard,memory ,monitor,PSU, audio system) of your machine.

The warranty does not cover software or software installation and also buttons and joystick control.

​These mini arcade machines (the ELITE- 117 RAC and the ELITE- 127 RAC-PLUS and the Console for TV ,RAC-T series) run on a powerfoul last generation PC with a genuine Windows 10 PRO software.Once we ship the order to you, we have no control over any configuration changes made.

We do not take responsibility for any software configuration changes you make but we are always committed to helping to fix the problems even if you are ( or you are not anymore) under the two years warranty time.

​Also If you have a part in need of replacements or any parts of the mini arcade machine under the warranty, email us and we will make arrangements to replace the item asap.