FAQ for our Arcade Machines answered here:

Common question our customer ask about our arcade machines

How long will take for the machine to be send?

We build and dispatch  usually in two week and we work hard to keep it in this schedule but  this Arcade Machines  are very labor intensive with great attention to detail to ensure the highest quality.

Please contact us before order as longer periods can be expected at busier times.

We will  inform you when we can complete and if you have a specific event  like a birthday or a certain date you need your mini arcade bartop you can let us know by using the contact form.

What payment do you accept?

We accept WISE, Revolut transfer,Debit/Credit card ,Bank transfer payment for all products. 


use this link to convert any currency.

How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends on which arcade machine are you interested and shipping zone. Approximate shipping cost below:
– For the Arcade Console contact us.
– For the Baratop Arcade Machine :
Shipping cost to Europe: 149 Euro for 2 player arcade machines .
Shipping cost to North America: 298 Euro for 2 players arcade machines.
Shipping cost to South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania: 325 Euro for 2 playes arcade machines.
For The bartop arcade machine one player postage fee to your country please contact us.

What postage couriers do you use?

We use only reputable couriers for postage (DHL,FedEx, UPS, ) and we take proud for our way to pack the arcade machines in order to avoid damage in transit.

Is There any aditional Postage Fee?

For items delivered outside European Union you ,as a buyer, may be subject to additional charges for customs duties in your country. For more information about these costs, please contact the customs office in your country.

Can I add roms to the arcade machine?

With the arcade machines “Elite-117 RAC” , “Elite 117 RAC-PLUS”and the Arcade console ” RAC-T ” series you can add roms with the USB ports located in the front of the machine. We can send full instructions with the package if you feel comfortable to do this but we cannot offer software support.

Can I add  any USB device like light-gun ,steering wheel, or diferent Joypad ?

There is two USB  ports in the front of the  Elite machine where you can add what you wish   but most  new hardware will net to be setup first in emulator by yourself of course.

What warranty do you offer?

Because here at Tiny Arcade we use only brand new parts we offer 2 years warranty for the new released 2023 MAME arcade machines (one year for the rest) on parts supplied and the materials used to construct your arcade machine. This includes the internal components (computer electronic parts motherboard,memory ,monitor, audio system) of your arcade machine.
The warranty does not cover software or software installation also 
buttons and arcade controls.
​These arcade machines(the ELITE- 117 RAC and the ELITE- 127 RAC-PLUS and the Arcade console RAC-T series) run on a powerful last generation PC with a genuine Windows 10 PRO software.Once we ship the order to you, we have no control over any configuration changes made.
We do not take responsibility for any software configuration changes you make. Still, we are always committed to helping fix the problem only if the request is done in a moderate manner.
​Also If you have a part in need of replacements under the warranty, email us and we will make arrangements to replace the item asap.

We will always be open to help with advice if something goes wrong even when you are out of warranty period.

What to do if my machine malfunction in time?

All hardware is brand new to avoid as much as possible disappointment on both sides. For peace of mind you can go for a spare HDD  (optional with the ELITE- 117 RAC and  ELITE -127 RAC- PLUS machine) if unlucky and something will happen in years just replace the one from machine with the spare one.Also we send spare buttons or micro switches where is not incorporated as this usually fail in some occasions. The next part can fail in time (like on any computer ) is the power supply. …very cheap and easy to replace by any computer technician. apart of this you shouldn’t have any problem with our best bartop arcade machine or with the tabletop arcade machine we build. 

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