Hyperspin Arcade - The Best Video Game Console!

The Hyperspin Arcade Console RAC-T series (released in 2023 ) will send you back in time and re-live your childhood gaming experience.

Hyperspin Arcade Console for your modern TV

Hyperspin Arcade RAC-T8 Series for TV

 The RAC-T series has been developed and designed with simplicity in mind for easy and straightforward operation.

PLUG & PLAY on any TV or projector with an HDMI port.

The Hyperspin Arcade Console we build uses the latest generation of computer parts from top computer hardware manufacturers. Allowing you to run games and arcades in their native 5:4 resolution with CRT curvature and HLSL activated in MAME. Exactly how you remember.

From €699

Hyperspin Arcade Ultimate Console for Video gaming

Authentic CRT visual on mortal kombat 2 mini arcade machine

All RAC-T series Hyperspin arcade console come installed with HLSL setup in MAME for authentic CRT visuals (including scan-lines!). These shaders are also able to emulate the curvature of CRT monitors to finalize that classic nostalgic look.

mini arcades with two year warranty

The World class Hyperspin Arcade console is here

Hyperspin logo one again

Hyperspin is the best front-end interface. It will give you an amazing visual experience for game selection. Being able to scroll through your arcade console game collection with video previews and custom animated themes, this console provides a seamless experience that’s also very easy to use.  

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Hyperspin Arcade Console Media:

Introducing the Hyperspin Arcade Console:

The RAC-T series is a gaming system that offers an authentic arcade experience, bringing back the sights, sounds, and excitement of the golden age of gaming straight to your home.

Immersive Arcade Experience: Transporting You Back in Time


Got a lot of customization options and you will have the freedom to personalize your arcade cabinet titles according to your preferences by adding a specific game to the favorites section.

 Hyperspin Arcade will allows you to create an unique gaming setup

Cutting-Edge Emulation Technology: Preserving Gaming History

​Behind the scenes, the RAC -T series utilizes the latest technology in computing. Emulation software accurately replicates the hardware and software of classics. By combining modern technology ,this Hyperspin Console will bring a new life into retro games.
User-Friendly Interface and Easy Navigation
The machine has a user-friendly interface and it very easy  to navigate through the huge game library.
​ The menu intuitive and give you the option to browse thru systems and individual game by using the ” search” function, genre, release year,..all with a few simple clicks, and you can quickly launch your desired game and just play. 

High-Quality Audio and Visuals: Captivating Retro Aesthetics


The Hyperspin Arcade ultimate console not only replicates the gameplay experience but also pays attention to the visual and audio aspects. The vibrant graphics and pixel-perfect visuals transport you back to the era of arcade gaming.

Bringing the Arcades at your Home


Step into the world of the Hyperspin Arcade and experience the thrill of retro gaming like never before.

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Hyperspin Arcade Postage Guide:

We do our best to dispatch your Hyperspin Arcade console in a week or two. However, there can be delays in busy times as we hand-craft each product carefully.

We will inform you of your delivery date, if you want your machine sent for an event or a special date, such as a birthday, please let us know in our contact form below.

Contact us for accurate postage fee to your country.