Retropie Console for those who Love Retro Games

Retropie Console that will spice up your game room or your lounge. Just hook up your big TV and bring back memories of the good old titles you played in arcades.

retro games on a two player retropie console
retro video games on retropie console
connect the retropie console to your TV

Retropie Console series SlimCade-HD

This video game console has been developed designed and crafted with simplicity in mind for easy operation in retro games.

This classic video console is brand new, professionally built with genuine Sanwa Deshi joysticks and buttons, same joysticks that we use in our Home Arcade Machines, and was designed to be strong, light, and highly compact.

Great video gaming machine for home use.

The retropie console is great for arcade video games rooms, kitchens and family rooms on the counter top or bar, bedrooms or employees lounge (it can also save high scores).

  •  Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • 8 bit , 16bit and 32 bit glory …revived the best gaming era of all time.
  •  Plug and Play 
  •  Easy to use
  • Save progress in most systems.
  • ​Arcade Genuine Japanese Sanwa Joysticks and silent golden leaf high performance buttons for perfect gameplay with our retropie console               
  • four USB connectors.

Brand New RetroPie Console for your game room.

Our RetroPie supports games from different platforms as Mame Arcade, Neo-geo, Sega, and Nintendo, allowing users to access all these systems from one interface. From the video interface you can organize your collections and and select the titles you want to add to your favorites section.

Play the old school titles like a pro.

If you are an old fan of classics, our RetroPie console is a good way to enjoy the iconic titles from the 8-16 and 32-bit eras of video games that defined a generation. You will discover this machine to be a good addition to your cave man  and  bringing the joy of video classics and arcade cabinet to your home.

Check all the Mini Arcade Machines we build , the console Hyperspin Arcade for TV and also take your time to see our gallery with the games and arcades we build, check our workshop locations if you consider to find out more About Tiny Arcade or if you have any question regarding the retropie console machine we build.

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