Tabletop Arcade Machines For Retro Games Enthusiast

The tabletop arcade machines we build  since 1985 have emerged as a popular choice for gaming enthusiasts seeking to recreate the nostalgic experience of classic gaming within the comfort of their own homes.

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These compact and versatile machines from Tiny Arcade bring the thrill of retro gaming right to your tabletop.

Will provide a wide selection of games and hours of entertainment. 

I will show you below our world of table top arcade machines, examining their features, benefits. You will find out also why they can become a beloved addition to your man cave.

Understanding Arcade Machines

​​Tabletop arcade machines there are also known as table top arcades.

There are scaled-down versions of traditional cabinets that can be conveniently placed on any tabletop or desk.

​These mini cabinets capture the essence of classic gaming by featuring a built-in screen starting from 9″ to 19″ for the two-player.

The control panel with SANWA Denshi joysticks and buttons, and a large number of preloaded games.

They come in various designs and shapes, some include replicas of iconic arcade cabinet from the past. Also custom-made creations catering to individual preferences.

Some of the new setup come in a shape of a regular controller but with all the hardware inside as the RetroPie Console that is adapted to the modern TV’s.

Arcades Features and Components

Tabletop arcade machines have several key features and components that contribute to their appeal and also functionality.

The most prominent element is the display  ( LCD with LED backlight). We build our cabinets with monitors which range in size from 7 to 19 inches.

Depending on the model, this is an important piece of hardware and the technical details (time of the response, view angle).

All this technical details can make a big difference in the actual experience when playing video games that require a fast action.

The screen that we used has wide view angle. There are profesional IPS, and sharp graphics, so you will get the best bartop arcade experience in awesome detail.

The control panel is a vital component. We use as standard genuine SANWA Japoneze joysticks and highly responsive buttons.

This important piece of hardware will let the players to navigate through games and arcades gallery and execute precise movements and actions.

The Best Retro Gaming Options:

​​While the tabletop arcade machines are about retro gaming , they also integrate modern features and customization options.

All our Home Arcade Machines include  built-in speakers. Headphone jacks, and volume control is also present.

These additions ensure that players can fully immerse themselves in the game play. All this will relishing the sound effects and iconic 8-16 bit music of classic arcade titles.

Arcade Cabinet Customization options

Customization options further elevate the look of our bartop arcade machine.

Users can personalize their machines by adding custom marquees artwork, decals.

Furthermore you can modifying the control panel layout to match their preferred gaming style. This flexibility allows enthusiasts to create unique arcades that reflect their personality and gaming preferences.


The tabletop arcade machines will revive the love for classic gaming and bringing back the excitement and nostalgia of the arcade era into your video gamig room, lounge or man cave …
With their compact size, extensive game selection and power thanks to the updated hardware. 

These machines will captured the hearts of gaming enthusiasts around the world providing a gateway to cherished memories while fostering new connections and experiences.

So, If you seeking a trip down memory lane, our machines are a perfect addition to any man cave, promising countless hours of retro gaming .

Gather your friends, set up your favorite titles, and embark on an immersive journey into the golden age of gaming with a tabletop arcade machine by your side.

Also take your time and check our workshop location if you would like to visit us, or Contact Us if you have any question about Tiny Arcade and the tabletop arcades we build.