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With our arcade machines, the hardware and software will provide an incredibly accessible all-in-one system, TinyArcade UK is transforming at-home arcade gaming. Our comprehensive offering of handcrafted arcades, premium hardware, and personalized software has given thousands of our clients endless joy and amusement.

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We take pride in building our arcades by hand in the UK.

 In our workshop store, we handcraft the best home arcade machine of 2024. We construct everything in-house, from the very first cut of the strong and light PVC (not wood), to the absolute last button wire, or marquee creation so you can always count on amazing custom construction.

Components included in our arcade machines

Arcade cabinets might not have every component on the following list since they differ depending on the games they were designed for:

 A professional high response refresh time arcade machines display, where the game is shown.

Also, the correct resolution and orientation of the game is adjusted automatically from the software of the machine. Depending on the game, monitors can be set either vertically or horizontally.  Our monitors is also capable of showing the latest arcade or PC HD video games.

An audio Hi-Fi system for sound effects and music with Volume, Base and treble adjustment , also with LED lighted buttons.

video game arcade machines with Hi-Fi system for sound


Powerfoul PC for gaming

The brain is a last generation of PC for gaming, sometimes a Jamma or Raspberry Pi mini computer hardware.

A power supply to provide DC power to the arcade machines system boards and 12v power that supply the marquee, bottom and lighted buttons.

A marquee, a sign above the monitor displaying the game’s title. They are brightly colored and backlit.

A bezel, which is the border around the monitor(not for the 2 player machines). It may contain instructions or artwork.

A control panel, a level surface near the monitor, upon which the game’s controls are arranged.

two player home video gaming machines for dedicated players

Transforming Home Gaming with TinyArcade UK Arcade Machines

Nothing compares to getting together to play some of your favourite vintage arcade machines as long as we have fun. We have a huge selection of amazing home arcade games available online at TinyArcade UK for players of all skill levels and age groups. 

Take a peek at our fantastic collection of Hyperspin arcades and try an amazing battle, adventure, and driving game where you can take to the track in a car or an arcade shooting game. 

collection of Hyperspin on mame arcade machines

Endless Entertainment with Multiple Games

If you’re craving something retro, take a look at our amazing collection of arcade machines. These earlier games will instantly transport you back to the times you spent hanging out with friends at the neighborhood pizzeria or mall.

All our models come with many games in one device for multiple alternatives, and the distinctive appearance will be a lovely addition to any retro games area or man cave..

Punisher classic video retro game

Fun for the Whole Family

Check out the amazing arcade machines available for purchase on the TinyArcade UK website to play at home. Why your kids will enjoy having this arcade at home? is simple, they are a fantastic source of fun for them and their friends. We provide an enormous assortment of games for all ages and tastes… from driving and shooting games to the original classics such as Pac-Man.

Check out the amazing arcade games available for purchase on the TinyArcade UK website to play at home.

The 90s saw an explosion of arcade culture, thanks in large part to Street Fighter II.  Bring the TinyArcade UK Arcade Machine home with you and preserve a little of gaming history.  This elegant device blends the timeless arcade style with the latest hardware gaming capabilities.  Choose from thousands of popular home arcade machines and set your buddies up for a battle.

the video game street fighter II on arcade machines

Get Your TinyArcade UK Arcade Machine Today!

With its bright 19-inch professional display with 178 wide view angles and brilliant color, illuminated marquee and high-quality dual speakers.

Above all, the software replicates the real arcade machines experience, so this cabinet is the ideal focal point for any home entertainment space.

cabinet that replicates the real pac-man video game

You may also view our selection of the Games and Arcades that we have built here, check out what our customers have to say in the Review section, and find out more About Tiny Arcade with any questions you may have regarding the Arcade Games we created, or if you would like to schedule a visit as soon as possible.

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