Mini Arcade Bartop - The Best To Buy In 2024!

The Mini Arcade Bartop ELITE-1P was released 10 years ago. Now is back because of the big customers’ requests. It comes in a highly compact design in order to fit in a small place in your games and arcades room, in your kitchen, and also on a coffee table. 

mini arcade bartop for retro games one player horizontal

Mini Arcade Bartop One Player

The 2023 version Pandora’s Box 10Th game list  upgraded to 5145 games plug and play.

Check some old videos with our mini arcade bartop below. 

This mini arcade includes many popular Arcade Games, and is perfect for many hours of fun.Enjoy the best ever Neo-Geo or Classic Video Arcade Games with our bar top arcade game : Series King Of Fighters, Street Fighter,Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown , Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, also The Last Blade,Vampire Hunter 2, Pocket Fighter, Progear, Super Sidekicks, Golden Axe, Puzzle Bobble, Alien vs Predator, Altered Beast, Marvel vs Capcom, Darkstalkers Revenge, Wonder Boy, Shinobi, Mars Matrix, ESP Ra De, DoDonPachi, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, Double Dragon,Final Fight, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs plus many more.

 Horizontal – JAMMA One Player

Highly compact and portable arcade cabinet and comes with:
– Features a solid state embedded design (not HDD based) , 17 inch brilliant clarity and HighResponse.
-Game menu animation Demo Adjustable volume I-Pad style amplifier,
– Professional PAT Safety Electrical tested
– Already Setup just Plug And Play 
-13 mm PVC RIGID  and chrome effect edge.

   Mini arcade bartop with NO COIN SLOT -Free Play

  • No Keyboard or mouse is needed to play.
  • MARQUEE: HD unique library available only for our customers
  • illuminated Side Artwork-  vinyl stickers with your favorite games.
  •  Bottom light (Red, White, Blue or Green)
  • Work on any Power Plug in the World: 100V-240V . 50/60 Hz (we send plug adapter for your country).
  • User-Friendly Game Selection Screen.
  • Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc).
  • Our bar top arcade game can Enable or Disable Specific Games.
  • Light 4,2 Kg Small and portable H 365mm ,W 356 mm, D 300mm.

We ship the arcade bartop anywhere in the world in high secure package, online tracked with UPS, DHL,or FedEx

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mini arcade bartop one player
arcade mini bartop with punisher
neo-geo mini game cabinet
mini arcade horizontal