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Arcade Game Rentals in Spain Costa Del Sol

Arcade Game Rentals in Costa del Sol from Malaga to Estepona.

The arcade game rentals will guarantee attraction of the retro video game enthusiasts and kids, like a magnet.

Arcade Retro Machine Great for :

  • bars
  • pubs
  • hotels
  • ​parties
  • special events
  • kitchens and family rooms
  • game rooms
  • on the counter top or bar top
  • employees lounge 

Rent a Machine and go back to the Golden Age of Arcades!

Plug&Play with thousands of the best Retro Arcade Games ever made ( just to name a few):

 Mortal Kombat 1,2,3,4series, King Of Fighters ’98 series, Street Fighter II 1991 series,Metal Slug 1,2,3,4,5 series, Samurai

Shodown series, Art of Fighting series, Fatal Fury series,Contra series ,The Last Blade,Vampire Hunter 2, Pocket Fighter, Progear,

Super Sidekicks, Golden Axe, Puzzle Bobble, Alien vs Predator, Altered Beast, Marvel vs Capcom, Darkstalkers Revenge, Wonder.

Get all this awesome video games with the arcade game rentals.

Boy, Shinobi, Mars Matrix, ESP Ra De, DoDonPachi, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, Double Dragon, Punisher, Final Fight, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs ,

Space Invaders,Ms. Pac-Man,Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Defender,Frogger,Pong, Galaga, Galaxian,Centipede, Star Wars,

Dig Dug,Out Run 1986 plus many more.

This is the  classics arcade machine never dreamed of by enthusiasts of retro games back in 80s and 90s and is equipped with the latest hardware technology that will make your event a big hit.

Arcade Game Rentals for dedicated players

Our Arcade Machines are Easy to install and has been developed, designed and crafted with simplicity in mind for easy and straightforward operation.

It has been crafted by hand just as the original recreational machines were made and build to last in UK

 It is strong , light ,highly compact and incredible steady when fitted on a flat surface.

You can rent it now and get instant attraction with the arcade game rentals from people of any age:
​ ( The Arcade Retro Games are recognized to be the best video games when FUN is what you looking for).

Options for rentig the arcade machine

There are two very clear, simple and efective agreements we can take for the arcade game rental :

1. Weekly contract  , minimum one week rental ( 11 Euros per day).

2. Contract 50% you, 50% us( subject to credit counter readings weekly).

You can rent one Arcade Game Mahine or a row of arcade machines.

This Arcade Machine will give your audience retention will be skyhigh as people will flock around these machines.

​Free play or with credit added on request (The credits will be registered on an LCD small screen).

this is an arcade machine that you can rent in Malaga

Characteristics of the Arcades:

  • build to last in UK using the latest PVC Rigid materials.
  • size of the arcade cabinet :56 cm wide x 49 cm deep x 65 cm tall
  • voltage : 110 volts – 220/240 volts (50/60 Hz).
  • Safe –  (PAT) safekeeping testings every 12 Months.
  • brand new professionally built with the best materials available
  • weight :11,8 Kilograms
  • monitor :19 inch IPS Professional with high contrast, brilliant colors and wide 178 degree view angle.
  • game engine JAMMA PCB with 5K + Retro Games
  • payment system : Free or with LCD credit counter and electric Key.
  • audio :built in Hi-Fi amplifier adjustable in 3 ways..Volume, Bass, treble
  • speaker system : 4″ X 2  2×8 W Hi-Fi JVC Audio top mounted speakers.
  • finish : Smooth bright white PVC routed chrome T-molding
  • player :1 player / 2 player mode
  • controls :dual 8-way micro switch Genuine SANWA Joysticks for perfect game play curate and fast response( essential in Arcade Games)
  • arcade grade genuine buttons with T10 LED lights ( Blue, Red,White or Green) that will stand out in any room.
  • All the Arcade game rentals will come with instructions to use – simple , clear and suitable for any age :
  •  just push one button and you are in the game…simple as that!
  • Top Art ( Marquee) we can fit on your request 

 Play the best arcade and console games.

Consider playing some of the featured games, which include the best coin-op arcade titles and many more beloved titles from your youth, from systems like the SNES, NES, Atari 2600, and Mega Drive.

This bartop arcade-style cabinet with thrilling artwork inspired by some of the games within. Bright colour tones are shown in your games on the 19-inch HD LCD Professional panel. Stereo speakers that are pointed down in the direction of the player reproduce all of the well-known gaming soundtracks and sound effects.

Check also the Vertical Arcade Cabinet, the one player Bartop Arcade Machine  the Home Arcade Machines,or have a look at our games and arcades galley to complete your retro game collection.

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