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NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine With Multi-Games


  • Stereo HiFi Audio Amplifier with Volume /Bass/Treble adjustment

  • – Audio Jack 3,5mm Output suitable for Headphones with volume adjustment
  • Professional PAT Safety Electrical tested.
  • Already Setup just Plug And Play
  • Two Sanwa Original Heavy duty Joysticks,6 Buttons for each player
  •  13 mm PVC RIGID and chrome effect edge.
  • No Keyboard or mouse needed
  •  MARQUEE: H.R. unique library available for our customers DOWNLOAD HERE(after the order is complete you can inform us about your favorite.
  •  The Pandora gaming machine come in a perfect smooth surface WHITE ONLY
  • If you want us to fit some side art ( DOWNLOAD HERE ) we can do this for NO extra cost.After the order is complete you can choose up to six in total then send them to us.
  • Work on any Power Plug in the World : 100V-240V . 50/60 Hz
  •  User Friendly Game Selection Screen

Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc).

The NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine was released 16 years ago. Now is back because of the big customers’ requests.

  • Powerful hardware with Quad Core 2 Ghz. CPU.
  •  Save Games progress function
  • Scan Line function
  • Custom Buttons Settings
  • 720P output
  • Individual games reconfiguration for the buttons layout.
  • Constructed with 13mm Foam PVC – Strong, light and robust new revolutionized material.
  • 5139 classic arcade games form 80’s and 90’s – Upgrade Options Available with the Elite series arcade.
  • Already fully assembled, just push the start button and play.
  • Very Simple to use – the NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine is Plug and Play.
  • 19″ HD Monitor professional IPS with 178 degree angle and vivid color and contract– Protected by 3mm Lexan
  • Sanwa genuine Japaneze Arcade Joysticks for accurate game play ( Included as standard).
  • Bat top or Ball top or joysticks you can choose from.
  • Sanwa genuine Japaneze Arcade Buttons ( Included as standard).
  • Illuminated buttons LED T10 with chrome trim ( optional ).
  • Stereo sound 2×30 Watts with ultra Bass, treble and volume adjustable
  •  Illuminated Marquee – The top banner will lights up, you can turn it on and off, and you can choose from the unique titles available.
  • Side art stickers vinyl customizable.
  •  The Neo Geo bartop arcade machine built using an unique assemble system with no visible screws or bolts.
  •  Superior Quality Arcade Machine for retro game players.
  • Build to last with original and high quality materials.


Advantages of Owning NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine

The NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine offers a unique advantage: simplicity in use to quickly recreate the arcade experience at home . Unlike traditional arcade machines that are bulky and require a significant amount of space, the Pandora Box is compact and can easily fit in various home settings.

This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy classic video games without needing to dedicate a large area to a gaming setup.

Cost-Effective Gaming Solution

NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine is also a cost-effective gaming solution. Considering the cost of purchasing individual classic arcade machines or modern gaming consoles with additional games, the Pandora Box provides significant savings.

With hundreds of games pre-installed, gamers can enjoy a diverse range of titles without the need to spend extra on acquiring new retro games.

Perfect for Parties and Social Gatherings

The Pandora Arcade gaming cabinet shines as a centerpiece for parties and social gatherings. Its two-player setup encourages friendly competition and cooperative play, making it a perfect entertainment option for guests.

The wide selection of arcade games for our NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine ensures that everyone can find a game they enjoy, fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Durability and Maintenance for NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine

Designed with durability in mind, the Pandora Box Arcade Machine is built to withstand extended play sessions and the occasional rough handling.

Its solid construction and quality components ensure that it remains operational for years to come. Additionally, maintenance is minimal, requiring only occasional cleaning and sometimes changing the micro switches for the joysticks and buttons to keep the arcade machine running smoothly.

​The two player ELITE-2P come with the 2023 Latest Pandora Box 10 Th game list 5139 IN 1.

As can be seen, the NEO GEO Bartop Arcade Machine comes in a highly compact design, same as the mini arcade bartop machine, in order to fit in a small place in your game room, in your kitchen, and also on a coffee table.


Weight 15.2 kg
Dimensions 58 × 48 × 42 cm
Blue Illuminated buttons

LED Chrome T10 buttons

White illuminated Buttons

LED Chrome T10 buttons


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