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Mortal Kombat II Arcade Game Replica


Mortal Kombat II, a replication of the golden years’ arcade

Our Mortal Kombat II, a replication of the golden years’ arcade machines into the palm of your hands.

Would surely make your party memorable with an opportunity to play old school arcade games at any time anywhere.

The equally well made 1/6th scale Mortal Kombat II mini-arcade displays was the feature at this fair.

The retro gaming culture is illustrated through this machine which will remind you a lot of the games and arcades period.

 Sanwa standard Joystick and buttons

 Sanwa standard Joystick and buttons, the joystick will not be worn or out of shape in a short while being a genuine reputable manufacturer.

It is really slinky, stylish, and sturdy, what is very suitable for completing your retro gaming or just to be a lovely present for the people, who are into gaming, exactly.

The gorgeousness of Mortal Kombats II has come here because its pre-loaded boot drive features a variety of games you don’t have to buy all over again.

We are covering a vast range of classical game icons like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario and other thousands of best titles.

Attention to detail is present in all cabinets, trying to ensure that it will be a part of the most valued deal in this arcade video games developments industry.

The Mini Arcade Portability

Place the machine in your study, alongside your work desk, or coffee table.

You can display it on your game room, on your desk, shelf, or coffee table. Then let it spark and start a conversations about the good old days when  Mortal Kombat arcade legend ruled the gaming scene.

Relive the glory days of arcade and carry the excitement of those iconic games wherever you go. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable retro journey with this remarkable piece of technology.

Weight 3.7 kg


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